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Below you will find customer reviews & some atypical fan email.

Note, we did not edit out the bad reviews.

5 star review on Mommy's Lil Monster toddler shirt. 5 star review on Girl Chromosomes onesie. So cute - very well made and packaged. Thanks! 5 star review for this machine kills fascists. Super adorable and great quality! 6-12 month size fits my little 17 pound antifa super soldier. 5 star review for Crazy Train baby onesie. 5 star review on Carl Sagan Onesie. Great design! Fast ship. Love it! Love it! LOVE IT! 5 star review on Rocker Baby Onesie. 5 star review on Shakespeare Baby Onesie. 5 star review on Bukowski women's shirt. Thank you for the custom order!! I love it! :) 5 star review on No Sleep Till Brooklyn Onesie. 5 star review on Daddy's Lil Monster Raglan Shirt. 5 star review on I already know more than the president funny baby onesie. 5 star review on Crazy Train Onesie. Adorable onesie, quality is great. 5 star review on Abraham Lincoln Onesie. Fast shipping & adorable! 5 star review on Paul Bunyan Onesie. Fast shipping & adorable! 5 star review. I get this for all the new babies in my life. so cute. 5 star review on Feminist Fist baby onesie. 5 star review. Right on. Great gift for a hip kid. 5 star review on Tough Cookie toddler shirt. 5 star review on My Mama Gets High Because I Cry Funny Baby Onesie. 5 star review of Carl Sagan Shirt. Shipped very fast. Feels amazing and looks great! 5 star review of Shakespeare Baby Onesie. 5 star review of Wall Smasher Baby Onesie. 5 star review of Mommy's Lil Monster baby shirt. 5 star review on I want to ride my bicycle mom & baby set. My wife LOVED the matching baby/mommy outfits. So adorable! Thanks for your amazing customer service. 5 star review on Baby Rocker onesie. 5 star review on Stephen Colbert baby onesie. Received it super fast; lovely item thank you! 5 star review on Silent Protagonist Funny baby onesie. Received it super fast; lovely item thank you! 5 star review on Black Larry Yankers. Love, love, love this sweet outfit! It's soft, and I wish I had 6 sets of this one! Thank you! Make more of these, please! 5 star review of No Sleep Till Brooklyn Baby Shirt. 5 star review of Daddy's Lil Monster Shirt. So FAST! Good quality looks great! 5 star review of Daddy's Lil Monster Raglan. Fit great looks great can't for my niece to be harley quinn on halloween 5 star review of Vintage Bike Raglan. So cute! Arrived as advertised and on time. 5 star review of Rocker Baby Onesie. So cute! Arrived as advertised and on time. 5 star review on adult Daddy's Lil Monster. Love itt!! Perfect fit, fast delivery!!! 5 star review on I Play Vinyl Baby Shirt. So cute and extremely fast shipping. Thanks so much! 5 star review of Daddy's Lil Monster toddler shirt. Great quality! Fast shipping! My daughter loved this shirt! 5 star review on Daddy's Lil Monster Raglan Shirt. Absolutely adorable! The seller went out of their way to make shirt in the size that I needed, and shipped item super fast! 5 star review on Happy Rain Cloud onesie. Lightning fast shipping, super-cute onesie. A win-win!!!. 5 star review on Frida Kahlo Baby Onesie. Awesome quality & perfect gift for my friend! 5 star review on No Sleep Till Brooklyn Baby Shirt. 5 star review on Octopus Onesie. 5 star review on Dolly Llama Baby Onesie. 5 star review on No Sleep Till Brooklyn Shirt. Great experience. Seller was very fast to answer my inquiry and very helpful. Item arrived faster than expected and looks great! 5 star review on Godzilla mom & baby giftset. Perfect Gift For a new mom!


Fan Mail

May I say how your yankers have changed my life…mother of two, I have hand eczema which is very painful and changing my babies is often a nightmare – except when I use your yankers.
Thanks for your work,



We LOVE Yankers! A friend passed a onesie that her daughter had outgrown to us when our youngest son was born three months ago. 

We're hooked. Although it seems a bit excessive to ship baby clothes from the US, we will continue to do so as the baby grows. I'll also have a look at some of the other goodies on the site. 

Keep up the good work. I'm off to recommend you to my Mummy friends on Facebook. 

Best wishes.

Jane Richardson


Yankers are the best thing since sliced bread!  They are so soft and comfy and so very practical. Easy to put on, easy to wear, and easy to check the diaper - the best part is that our son looks adorable in all the colors.  People always comment on the unique design wherever we go and we just love them.  The Retro Union Suit is a particular favorite, resembling a mini Star Trek outfit. Go right now and get a dozen, you won't be sorry!
Jane Leung


At a first glance the Yankers jumpsuit I received as a gift looked like it could be hard to put on a squirming baby. Nothing could be farther from the truth! It was super easy, and made diaper changes a breeze, too. I ended up getting several more...they come in a ton of adorable styles and colors. I love Yankers!
Julie Glanville


I purchased the cooper union suit for my daughter and it is by far one of my favorite things to put on her.  I love the retro look and the soft stretchy material.  It has been especially great for quick changes because she is a very busy little girl.  On top of being a really cute outfit, they also doubled as long underwear over the winter.

Shawna Wolfe


hello we love yankers we used them with our older son 2 diferent (sic) sizes and now our younger son is reusing them they are awesome.
erin moran-atkin


No noisy snaps or Velcro to wake baby up and the top stays on completely to keep baby warm! Yippee!!! Plus, no more snapping up 25 snaps at 2 am only to find that you’ve missed a snap somewhere and you have to start all over again. (Oh how I hate that!!!) 

(review by


Contact_Name: michele
Contact_Subject: thankyou!!!
Contact_Message: hi there!
I got it! Your t-shirts are simply wonderful! My nephew will love it! Thanks again for your original, creative and fantastic work! Take care and....a big hug from Italy!



Contact_Name: Lindsay
Contact_Subject: disappointing
Contact_Message: businesses do better when they don't affiliate themselves with a particular political party. i'm very insulted by some of your political clothing. you should have been smart enough to make things equal so there was a choice for those of us who choose not to be liberal. i came here to shop but now i will NEVER purchase anything from this website. shame on you. don't bother replying as i don't care what you have to say.


Contact_Name: Vickie Reese
Contact_Subject: love your products
Contact_Message: I just wanted to say 1) your stuff is fantastic, fun, and thoroughly entertaining and 2) your employee favorites section where you have blurbs of your employees, is hilarious and 3) I salute you for posting all fan letters, good and bad, and expressing your beliefs and opinions without apology. Your style is unique, your vibe is cool, and I only wish I knew more people having babies to give your stuff to!


Contact_Name: Jackie
Contact_Subject: YES
Contact_Message: You guys rule, basically. I'm knocked up and now I trust that me and Embry are going to be rocking it nonetheless.

And, I'll attract fewer freaks. Bonus.


Contact_Name: Kara
Contact_Subject: You guys are rad
Contact_Message: I love your stuff! One of your fans turned me on to this website and I think you clothes are amazing....keep doing a good job....and screw what all these conservative slimballs have to say :)


Contact_Name: Chris
Contact_Subject: Fan
Contact_Message: I can't say enough good things about your Yankers union suit.. Mine just came in the mail today for my 7 week old son and I sooo love it! The perfect fit, so functional, comfy for him and so very cute! I want every color, every size, you have a return customer!! Thanks!!!


Contact_Name: Michele
Contact_Subject: Donation Of T shirts
Contact_Message: Hi! My husband and I grew up on Long Island NY and moved to SC to open a deli. We are celebrating our 13th year in business this December. We meet thousands of people a year and they are always asking us about our clothes, T shirts, and how we stay so young and healthy. I was wondering if you would consider sending us some T shirts size Xl and Medium so we could wear them to help promote your business while we work. We can advertise for you and refer people to your website to purchase. Please let me know! Thanks, have a wonderful day!
Michele Giarratano
Front Street Deli


Our response: Really? That's so weird because even though we've only been in business for 6 years, whenever we eat any kind of food random people are always asking where we got it! If we send you some tshirts, would you send us some of your awesome deli sandwiches? We'd need them here by noon though, we're super hungry!


Contact_Name: Vickie Reese
Contact_Subject: love your products
Contact_Message: I just wanted to say 1) your stuff is fantastic, fun, and thoroughly entertaining and 2) your employee favorites section where you have blurbs of your employees, is hilarious and 3) I salute you for posting all fan letters, good and bad, and expressing your beliefs and opinions without apology. Your style is unique, your vibe is cool, and I only wish I knew more people having babies to give your stuff to!


I ordered two dresses for my 2 yr old daughter and she lookes awesome in it. Although I live across the ocean we got it not longer after placing the order.

Thanks for the cool clothes. Until the next time.

Simone Heidt - NL



I received the package on Saturday and gave the gifts to my nephew. He LOVES his porcupig (he's 17 months and can't say porcupine... it's so cute). Since he calls me Aunt B, the shirt with the bee decal was a hit.

Thank you so much for all of your help and thank you for making this Easter a very special holiday for me and my family.

Forever a fan and customer,
Beth Anne Fusco


Rebecca, we just got the awesome packet of baby wit stuff. I was blown away by what (and how much!) you sent -- seriously, all things I would have picked myself! I especially love the I heart president shirt and the very cool hoodies. (Ellis, by the way, always does the rock on thing with his fingers so it was very appropriate.) Ellis is also getting into cooking so the retro chef gear was perfect. Thank you, thank you! I am truly thankful.

(Babywit fan for life)

PS: Since I know you liked the Ellis picketer photos, you should see the photo of him on inauguration day holding his "bye bye george" sign. (On my wall.)



Contact_Name: Karla Denton
Contact_Subject: Fan Mail
Contact_Message: I had to drop a line to you guys... I just cant believe how the Hate mail starts flowing... You guys rock! I am a single mom with a sense of Humor myself... Love the shirts - even "What would Obama do???". You guys keep on doing what you do, it works and we love it!

Take care,
A BRIGHT BLUE DOT in a Very red state....
Karla Denton


Contact_Name: Lindsay
Contact_Subject: disappointing
Contact_Message: businesses do better when they don't affiliate themselves with a particular political party. i'm very insulted by some of your political clothing. you should have been smart enough to make things equal so there was a choice for those of us who choose not to be liberal. i came here to shop but now i will NEVER purchase anything from this website. shame on you. don't bother replying as i don't care what you have to say.


Contact_Name: Julie
Contact_Subject: I love you more than ever now!
Contact_Message: Just perused your "fan mail" page, and can't believe the number of assholes out there who don't have anything better to do than to try to shove their opinions down your throats. If they don't like your stuff, perhaps they should start their own sites. Then they could sell onesies with Sarah Palin clutching a gun and trying to explain what the Vice President does.

I love that you guys stand up for yourself and your beliefs, and the beliefs of other tree-hugger parents (like me!)
Keep on doing what you do do do!
Julie Pergrem

p.s. Although my child bearing days are over, I will treasure my sons' BabyWit stuff forever. And...the good news is, my sister is pregnant. Yay! Another Liberal bun in the oven!! I'll be shopping here again very


Contact_Name: Sarah
Contact_Message: Hi,

I know that everyone has freedom of speech here in the wonderful United States of America thanks to all the men who fought for this free country to begin with so I was wondering if you could make a shirt that says: "Everyone who voted for that idiot Obama should never receive one more penny worth of welfare so long as they live". If you make this shirt I know of a lot of educated hard working people who would buy it. And it would be with $$ they earned themselves. And if you could replicate that one t-shirt worn by many ignorant people today....the one with Obama's face on the front with the word HOPE on it....if you could keep his face on the front but instead of HOPE replace it with LIAR because he is one. Thank you!!! And Thanks to Our freedom of speech.

Peace Out


Contact_Name: michele
Contact_Subject: thankyou!!!
Contact_Message: hi there!
I got it! Your t-shirts are simply wonderful! My nephew will love it! Thanks again for your original, creative and fantastic work! Take care and....a big hug from Italy!


Contact_Name: Mary Kay Holmes
Contact_Subject: I am so amused...
Contact_Message: I was referred to your site, and was going to send you information on our new clips...when I ran across your fan mail and the letter from that woman. All I can say is that I am so amused by your responses to her! Good for you standing for what you believe in. Maybe we can trade some Carabean Clips for the McCain "Give War a Chance" shirt. It would be a huge hit at my daughter's preschool.


Seriously...your shirt with Obama looking liking Jesus Christ, the ONE and True Savior, is totally offensive. We at Boulevard of Blue don't care what Obama would do because he is a liar, a hypocrite and a baby killer. However, trying to put him in the image of Christ is complete blasphemy and woe be unto anyone who supports that. If it was up to Obama he would have aborted that baby that is supposed to wear that shirt anyways.

That shirt is horribly wrong and inapproriate and totally offensive. If this is what your company is about you can take us off your e-mail list...we like to work with people with integrity and honor.

Thank you,
Erin Norris

Our response: "Thanks Debbie Downer. Wah Wah."

You will be saying Wah Wah when you are burning in hell.

Our response: "It is such a pleasure to run across "Christians" who spread the word of the Lord so well with all of the intended love and peace of your ONE and True Savior. Jesus would be so proud of you right now. 
Peace and Love but mostly Peace,"

It is so nice to run across Non-Christians who think Christians are NOT allowed to speak the truth. There is nothing hateful or unkind about saying you will burn in the Bible lately. Those who do not bow to the Lord and call Him, Lord of Lords and King of Kings, will be cast in the Lake of Fire, aka Hell.

Pick up the Bible someday and you will see that Christians can show the love of Christ and not be passive or accepting of horrible, blasphemous behavior such as yours. All the Non-Christians of the world love to accuse us of being rude, unkind or unloving...when we speak the truth...I think it is because the Truth scares you.

There is ONLY ONE way to heaven and to the Father...that is by Jesus Christ...the man you are making fun of and the man/Lord that you say "whah whah" when I stand up for what I believe in.

Reality don't believe in Him as your will spend eternity in Hell and you won't be so arrogant in saying "whah whah."

I hope that you don't make that choice. He is well worth standing up for!!



Hi, I ordered a onesie with the "Little Knitter" decal and I just got it in the mail today and I LOVE it! The mom - who is a knitter - will love it too! Your site has such great stuff and I'm so glad I stumbled on it in my search for cool and different baby clothes to give at a shower. Thank you!



Please take me off your emailing list. As a repeat customer that enjoyed your products,Its disturbing to see the political bias on your products.If you are offering political slogans,offer for both sides. As a business owner I know once you introduce politics,be prepared to lose customers.You have.
P.S Nothing is scarier than obama.

Hi Charles,
We completely understand and we will remove you immediately. For me as a small business owner who personally makes the shirts and has only 2 employees who are also of the same mindset I would find it difficult to make anything else except for perhaps a McCain Shirt that says Give War A Chance. 


Contact_Name: Julie:
Contact_Subject: Your Stuff
Contact_Message: Degenerate, liberal, immoral crap. All of it!!


Contact_Name: Douglas
Contact_Subject: Wow
Contact_Message: I came to this site, excited that I found something for my newborn with some flavor. Until I realized this small business is run by a kook liberal. So I won't purchase anything from you mooks. Must be hard waking up everyday being mad at the world. Be conservative... we smile a lot more. But we'll also kick your ass. Freakin hippies.


Contact_Message: I think the message you are sending to the American Public is really sad. Having children wear a shirt that says the "president is a poopyhead" or " viva che." Do you realize that Che Guavera is a mass murderer. Oh wait, you wouldn't care because Liberalism is a mental disorder.


Thanks for the help Kristin. I didn't realize that I had not put in my complete address. No need to rush it. If you do track it down and it is in Evansville, shoot me an email and I'll go go get it. You've been very helpful.

I just want to say, it is very rare to get such a personalized response especially at this time of year. Babywit is truly customer driven. That is hard to find these days. Most companies are only about the $$.

Daniel Jones


I wasn't even hoping to get it here before Xmas (the boy knows about the tee) and damned if it ain't here in my greedy little hands already. And on the 4th anniversary of Joe's untimely passing, no less. Me thinks the boy shall wear it at once! No gifts before Xmas protocol be damned!

You guys rock.

Have a good holiday ladies, 


Hey there, I just got my order, and can't tell you how happy I am with the quality and packaging. I can't wait for my little rock star to open his xmas gift. Thanks!

Thank you!

Can't wait... loved the last t-shirts until they became shreds!

Jen Pagano

p.s. thank you so much for being APO friendly.


Hi Andrea I should have sent this mail a long time ago, but as allways thing are rather hectic around here. When I got back from Madrid the t-shirts had already arived in the shop. And they looked grate! Really nice quality. And the books too. Loved them! Please let us know if you have more book-projects in the future. Primerly we are a bookshop for contemporary art and artistbooks, but we will most likly order more t-shirts, but on a "seasonlly bacis". Wish you all a very marry christmas and a happy new year All the best, Pia
Torpedo Kunstbokhandelen


I apologize for the e-mail since I'm sure you receive thousands a day but I still had to do it anyway. I first want to say that I am a brutally honest person whether if offends someone or not ("don't ask for my opinion unless you really want my opinion" is how I look at it). Now that the rambling is done, I recently ordered the one-zie that states "if you think i look good..." and after ordering I was kinda concerned on the quality of what you was going to send me. (being that I have not ordered on line except by companies like My purpose of mailing you is to state that I was incredibly pleased with what i received, not only did it come b4 Christmas (which i was concerned with) but the quality was outstanding. Your site has now been added to my favorites and with a newborn nephew and myself and wife trying to have a child, I'm sure that we will be doing a lot of business together. Thank you for the outstanding experience in dealing with your personal business.

Thank you and keep up the great work

Tim Fogus


Hi BabyWit,

I recently placed an order as a gift for a friend who recently had a baby, and was really very happy with the whole process of buying through your site. Navigating the site was easy, and I was delighted to see that the product shipped out on the day I put the order in. Thanks for a pleasant online buying experience. I will recommend your site to others.

David Timmons


I just received the 3 shirts today. Oh my god- I cannot even tell you- they are so f-ing adorable. I knew they'd be cute, but they are fantastic. I don't want to give them away. I want you to know that I will definitely order from you again- hopefully BEFORE the baby shower next time. I will also recommend you to every living person I know. These are amazing. Thank you so much.

Jennifer Phillip


Hi there!

My name is Christina, and I have a neurotic toddler named Casey. I recently purchased a fabulous babywit t-shirt from a boutique in Seattle, and as you will see in the attached picture, Casey is head over heals about it!

As we all know, tacky "I Love Mommy" shirts are a dime a dozen. So just imagine how thrilled I was to find a shirt that not only said "Dad" on it, but to find one that was actually cute? Get out of town!

Any company that gives Dad's the credit they deserve gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me. (And screeches of joy from Casey)

Thank you, babywit.

We're hooked.

-Christina & Casey


I LOVE MY T-SHIRTS! Thanks so much and I’m so excited to start selling these. When I opened the box I almost got right back online and got more. I held back but I’m sure I’ll order more very soon. You guys rock. —Mae ##

Just got my first babywit tee in the mail and I absolutely LOVE IT!

I can't wait to put it on my Little Boy!

Thanks! Mariselle

Hello Babywit

A quick message...I've just recieved my order.. i was a bit hesitant in ordering, its sometimes tough to know what exactly you are ordering on the internet...however I am very impressed with what showed up on my doorstep. The decal is well done and the material is top notch. I ordered the "president poopyhead" onsie by the way. So far it's a hit among friends and family. I'll have to wait to see if the kid likes it...she is coming soon...

Thanks again

Uncle geoff

Hi there,
just have to "gush" and say I think your T's, and sense of humor, and everything is oh so fabulous!! I'm featuring a few t's on my blog GreatGreenBaby.

The scoop on GreatGreenBaby:
GreatGreenBaby is a shopping blog devoted to the green, eco-friendly, baby consumer. We comb the web and find the most interesting environmentally friendly products for you and your baby.

(I feature a lot of organic cotton clothes and wooden toys and other earth friendly things wherever I can find them!)

I'm happy to have found your site ...and I hope you are feeling better from the Appendicitis VERY SOON!

Once again you have some great Tshirts!!! ...I'm off to read more of your blog! we seem to be on the same page on lots of things...except on different coasts

thanks and take care,

Liz Hincks
Boston, MA


I don't need help, I just couldn't find a contact email on your site. I LOVE the toddler dress (yippie cowboys & girls I ordered recently. It's so gorgeous and looks so cute. Thanks again!

Brooke Ormes

Dear Babywit,
We received our three shirts a couple of days ago and wanted to say we're absolutely thrilled with the quality and service (just one week for shipping to the UK is wonderful!). We love the designs and your consideration for the environment, and it's so great that you use American Apparel shirts, as so many slogan tees are such nasty quality. Most of all, we're delighted to see from your photo gallery that so many Americans think Bush is a disaster. A very pleasant
Keep up the good work.
Sali, Richard and baby Marvin

Here are pictures of my son, Noah in his "Rocker" shirt - by far his favorite (it's our 2nd purchase of the same design!). I love BabyWit, and wanted to submit a picture of my son in his BabyWit shirt .... Also wanted to state, after reading your fan/hate mail, that I'm a Republican and *proudly* support and will continue to shop at - why? I support freedom of speech! Every shirt may not be for every person, but there are many that we love and find absolutely hilarious :-) In the words of my son, ROCK ON!!

(and for the record, the first shirt I saw that made me lmao was the "He thinks he's my daddy" shirt - it's insanely funny!! We also have "Made from recycled genetic material", "Rock Star", & "Weapon of Mass Distruction")

Heather & Noah

Pearl River, Louisian

Just wanted to say that I got my 3 baby shirts today in the mail and they are great! I love the reduced packaging and recyclable plastic envelope it arrived in. I will recommend your company to family and friends. Thanks!

I just wanted to let you know that I got 2 shirts from you, the "I already know more than the president" and "trouble maker". I love them both, but, today I took my son to the Minnesota Zoo, and put the "President" one on Ben, it was quite busy (75 degrees and sunny), the looks I got ranged from PROLONGED stares to quick looks, some raised eyebrows, and a few "where did you get that"!! I hope you have bigger sizes in these, since they run small, Ben is 4 and needed the 6. He does have a little growing space, but I want to order more for the future!! I will be back to order more, I have since found on ebay, lots of people selling American Apparel shirts with various screen printed things on them for myself and bought a few. American Apparel is outstanding, and so are you!! Keep up the good work!!


i bought a few shirts from you four months back and probaby have washed them about a dozen times and they still look new!! the iron transfer holds up well in the wash - it hasn't peeled yet (knock on wood =) !!!

the quality is so outstanding i'll be able to pass the shirt down the line to the next munchkin i have!!! thank you so much! and be sure to post my comment on the site!!!

I would like to make t's for my daughters 'girlscouts group' and would like to use the same method as babywit. do you create your own iron transfers (if so, could you recommend a software/hardware that i could buy), or do you buy them already made from a company (if so, who would you recommend)? thanks in advance for your time and comments! =)



I ordered 2 baby shirts on Friday and received them (already!!!!) today. I am thrilled with them, and thank you so much for changing the sizes for me! I ordered President Poopyhead in pink for my daughter and Chicks Dig Me for a friend's son, they came out perfect. I am also so happy with your customer service! I will definetly order from you guys again!!! Thanks so much!!!
Carrie Matson

I just wanted you to know that I think the shirts that you sell for babies are horrible. Everyone has their own opinion, and I just thought I would give you mine. I cannot believe that you would make such filth to put on a baby. I also can't believe that anyone would buy this stuff and dress their babies in it.

Season Bruce


I wrote to you sometime last year when I came across your lame website. I just wanted to see how you guys were feeling now that Bush has been re-elected?? Ah…..I love it! And I love our President too!! Well it’s too bad for you granola eating, Birkenstock wearing, liberals up there in Oregon. (You probably don’t shave your armpits either!)

Bush is here for another 4 years!! Yeah!!!!! Republicans Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S Your clothes suck anyway!



I recently ordered 3 tees for my baby girl and am so pleased with their quality. I just love that she can wear the feminist fist symbol instead of some insipid bunny rabbit! I'm sure I'll be ordering more as she grows.
Keep up the good work.

Lara Dionne


Hi there, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the shirts I ordered for my son Zia. I posted under my screen name, ziasmama, on the website, a picture of Zia in his president poopyhead shirt and his Question Authority shirt. I let everyone know how happy I am with the shirts and what great quality they are. I know one mama has already contacted you about getting shirts for her older daughter. I hope you get a lot more business. There are a lot of hipmamas out there! I'll be placing an order very soon again!
Thanks again for the great shirts.
Marian aka ziasmama


This is the shirt from your company-I figured that would be the best photo to send! Thanks for the great choices for our little one. We are not to hip on fuzzy bunnies and balloon t's.
Carey & Raymond Steingraber


Just wanted to you to know that I received my order (Meomi Sleepyhead t-shirt, Pony t-shirt, and a Troublemaker one piece) today and not only was everything perfect but these are the greatest shirts I've seen. Your designs are wonderful and American Apparel really does make amazing shirts.

I have a 2 year old niece named Sarah and she is such an amazing little livewire of fun and happiness that putting her in bland clothing would be an absolute travesity. Also, I have another niece on the way, so I have to make sure we start her off right.

These are Christmas gifts, so in a few days I'll have to send along a picture of her looking stylish. Keep up the great work!



This is Jacob Marvin Greene. He hates President Bush. Thanks for helping his prelingual self express his thoughts and feelings. He receives so many compliments from your t-shirt.

We absolutely love your work, 
Heather, Bradley & Jacob Greene


We Love your company and most of all your shirts! They are SO cool! We get tons of compliments and that is always fun! Thanks for being different and not afraid of that! Keep up the awesome work! We dig your stuff and we will keep coming back for more!!!

Melinda & Faith


hiya babywit!

a uk fan here! i absolutely love your site, the most fashionable tshirts at good prices. thanx ever so much, every thing else on the web is the same old boring clothes for babies. also id jus like to mention 'You sound like communists who don't deserve the right of free speech.' the person who wrote this. congratulations. u sound jus like president bush. anyone who doesnt agree with his opinions shouldnt have the right to free speech.

'Why don't you go live in a terrorist country instead of denigrating the President' this jus made me laugh. becuase im afraid to say it, but with the help of bush, the u.s IS turnin into a terrorist country, so darling you wont have to move an inch.

and finally, please dont insult others and their babies. by the sounds of it, we should all pity you and your children. you sound shallow, and narrow minded.

i hope this isnt insulting to you. but manages to enlighten you and help you to enter the real world, where disagreements and differences in opinion are how decisions are made. not the most powerful person wins.

sorry andrea for ravin on there. well done with the site and all the prints. although i do hope to see more music ones on here next time. this is my first visit but ive read you used to have the clash etc. please try to bring some more out. possibly some british bands such as the beatles and oasis.

thanx. xxxxxxxx

Sirs -

I happened upon your website when searching for clothes for my son. I wish I hadn't come across it. Your site, to say the least, is classless.

I wonder who buys t-shirts with Communist symbols, obscenities, insults (directed at men of course) and politically moronic comments (directed at President Bush) printed on them for babies and young children. Then again, after looking at your "picture submission" section, I guess I have my answer.

Needless to say, anyone who'd buy a t-shirt for their child saying "I already know more than the President," or one that features a hammer and sickle or a picture of a pathetic communist like Che Guevara on it certainly isn't breaking double digits in IQ.

- Charles Johnson

Charles, I love you too! Thanks for looking through my site so extensively you little masochist you.

I have noticed your baby tee shirts. Although I know it is suppose to be humor, I want to reassure you that your shirt "He thinks he's my daddy" is far from humorous to tens of thousands of men who are the victims of paternity fraud.

In case you are not aware of it, over 30% of the husbands who have been tested for paternity have been proven not to be the father of the child in question.

Many other men have been accused of being a father and have been given notice of same long after the limitation to contest it thus being forced to pay for this child for 18 or more years. Paternity fraud is the only crime in which the criminal is awarded for 18 years and the victim is made to be a victim not only by the criminal, but by the courts also.

Please be aware that there are many men (and women whose faithfulness is questioned by this shirt) that will not see any humor in this shirt design.

Kenneth Deemer
Director Shattered Men

This letter made me so sad but seeing this is the only real advantage women have over men...well I do find it pretty darn funny, although my husband (father?) won't let Ava wear that shirt.

"We were tired of seeing cute rainbows, hearts and bears on baby shirts. Especially bears. We hated bears. And so we started Baby Wit, a company that designs baby T-shirts with an adult sensibility."

Don't you mean to say that you saw tshirthell's baby hell (which had already accomplished this, 3 years ago) and then decided to rip them off? I mean, come people are fucking pathetic. Even a few of your shirts and you site functionality are a complete rip-off of tshirthell.

You go Aaron. We know you are a big t-shirt hell fan. Your favorite shirt is probably "I shaved my balls for this?"


Wow ! I love the tee's you made and have told all my cool mom friends to check out your site.
I will definitely order from you again.




Hello Baby Wit!

Just a quick note to compliment you on your superb work. Ordering from your website was a cinch, you delivered in two days and your products are WONDERFUL! The t-shirts not only look cool, but are super comfy. 
The designs and the t-shirts themselves are both top quality. And we can rest assured knowing your merchandise is manufactured by another great company American Apparel.

Thanks again for having such a great concept and sharing it with the rest of the world. We look forward to many more years of Baby Wit attire.

Louisa, Jason & Jack

p.s. We LOVED reading your anti-fan mail. Thanks for posting it, what a HOOT!


Dear Baby Wit:

This picture was taken on Mother's Day...Roman looks great in his Ramones t-shirt, and people far and wide call him a cool babe. He also has a Clash onesie that we love a lot. I've ordered from Baby Wit for my friend's children and have been spreading the word.

You guys rock!

Susan Newhouse
Chicago, IL


Thank you, Andrea!

I just received the "I'm already smarter than the president" t-shirt in the mail today! It's Thursday, and I placed my order late on Tuesday. It's hard to believe that it arrived so quickly. The shirt is darling, and it should be well received by all of our liberal friends here in Gainesville. Although, we may have to keep it out of site of all of the hardcore Republicans grandparents. I think that our next purchase will be a Ramones t-shirt. Every one-year-old girl should have one, don't you think? Thanks again.

Best regards and warm wishes from the Sunshine State!



I would have written sooner but our computer up and died on us. Anyway....the shirts #$%@^ ROCK! I'm waiting for our upcoming baby shower to debut my son in The Clash shirt (and the perk is that his new sister will get the most kick ass hand-me-downs ever). I'll send photos so you can see all your glory in action. Thanks again for such a wonderful product...I'll be spreading the word about your site.

Thanks and take care,


I love, LOVE the T-shirt for my daughter. You are fantastic. Thanks for hipping us all up.

tracy clover


hello baby wit!

your package arrived here fast! and the rompers are awesome.
your stuff will be the hit of the birthday party. i will definitely buy again!


kim place

I received my shirts today and I love them and want to order more!! 
However, I wanted to let you know that your sizing chart for ordering is not accurate. I ordered a 2Y which is supposed to fit 31-34 lbs. My 13 month old is big for his age but his weight is only 25 lbs so I figured this size would be big and last him awhile - I just tried them on him and they are almost too small. I am not sure if the 4Y will fit him but I guess I should order this size the next time.
Anyway, I am not sure if you have ever received this feedback so I just wanted to let you know. Thanks.

We have noticed that AA is a bit tighter fitting than most so please buy a size up when in doubt.


Hi Andrea,
Just wanted to let you know that my parcel arrived Tuesday 2nd, That's quicker than UK inland 1st Class delivery!
The shirts,onesie and pants are even better than I thought they would be, thank you.
There will be 3 little girls in your shirts at the 'Download' Festival here in England this weekend watching Iggy and the Stooges play live.
I suspect I'll be ordering from you again soon.......
All the best,

Lou Cannon


Where are the tee shirts for toddlers saying that Democrats are dumb asses?? That’s what I was looking for. Or perhaps a tee shirt for my toddler that says ‘President Bush…..THEE BEST PRESIDENT EVER!’

You’re site sucks! If John Kerry wins the election (which he won’t because the majority of people that vote for him live off government checks and therefore don’t leave their crack houses to vote), you can kiss good bye your national security….and most of your paycheck too!



I suggested she read Bushwhacked by Molly Ivins and her response was:

"Try reading any book by Milton Friedman so you can learn about how the economy works.

P.S Are your clothes covered by Medicaid?? I’m sure your buyers want to know……"


I just got my order today, it arrived so quickly! I LOVE these t shirts!! They are awesome.The transfer is far superior to some other shirts I have purchased on line. Fast service & superior shirts!! I dont need to shop anywhere else!! Thank you so much!

Debi Yoskey

This is Genevieve, her Godparents gave her this shirt and the Princess of Power shirt for her first birthday. Let's just say my workplace is rather liberal (heck, she gets to come to work with me full-time) and everyone LOVES it. (Before now, the fashion statement was a "DANGER" shirt with a Bush-and-Crossbones.) My boss is now wanting to get some for his grandbabies. 
Thanks for the fun fashion/political statement!!! 
Janean Jorgensen, Spokane, WA


I got your shipment today- I am totally thrilled with your service and product. I will definitely order from you in the future. How often do you add new designs?



Fantastic shirts, just as before!! They are going to make great gifts!!
thanks again,
Katie Fowler


Hi Andrea,

You're welcome. I was thrilled when I found the site. I think I heard something about baby rock t-shirts on TV somewhere. I did a Google search and found babywit. Me and my friends are in our mid-30s, and were the ones in high school and college who knew that we were cooler than everyone else because we were progressive thinkers, listened to the Smiths, the Cure (before everyone knew who they were), etc. Now, several of them have kids. I'm the cool gay uncle to all of them. You won't believe how many jealous looks I got at a recent 1-year-old's birthday party when they opened the box and uncovered the Smiths shirt. The other presents were great, but typical. The proud parents have already taken the kid (whose name is pretty cool: Judah Beckett Powell) to a grown-up party wearing the Smiths shirt and got nothing but "cool, where did you get that?" from the other guests. So if you see a spike in sales from Dallas/Fort Worth, you'll know. The mother was looking for a Cure shirt next ....

Before I wrapped the present I had our photographers at the Star-Telegram shoot it so I could write the blurb ... the editor of that page loved the idea. I figured that some angry Republican would e-mail me for my remark about the anti-Bush slogans (this is Bush land, y'know) ... but nothing so far.

Anyway, keep up the good work ... and now all my friend with little kids are going to know what to expect for birthdays .....



got em. and they are GREAT. love them. thank you.

My godson's mom LOVED the AC/DC t-shirt I ordered. And the David Bowie onesie rocks. I'm trying to get you a plug in our July/Aug music issue.
We'll see...
The shirts came and are absolutely adorable. Thanks so much.



Thanks!! Your items are great. I posted the URL and info on Babycenter's March 2004 board.



Hi Andrea --

Thanks so much for your quick and courteous reply! I checked my junk folder and didn't see it, but I know that Hotmail does delete the contents of that folder after certain intervals of time.

Thanks for resending the information. I have enjoyed your website and your products so much (absolutely hilarious and irreverent stuff) and have referred a LOT of my friends to you already but after this great customer service interaction (can you tell that this sort of thing is important to me?), I'm going to double my efforts.

Take care,

Anne Dutia

I must say, I am very impressed by your professionalism & amazing customer service! You guys rock! If ONLY more businesses out there ran as smoothly, quickly, personably & efficiently as you all do!!!! Thank you- you give me hope! :) 
Layla Winona & Talula Zoe


You sound like communists who don't deserve the right of free speech. Why don't you go live in a terrorist country instead of denigrating the President, along with the military, who has kept you safe. Way to be Patriotic, and raise up children to be mud-slingers.
I pray that the misguided, liberal offspring you are no doubt producing, and dressing, have better sense that their parents.

Kristina Kovach

P.S. I have all my junk mail filtered and automatically deleted so any response you may have, won't be read.


Just wanted you to know my daughter loves the "Matt" shirt....and Bodhi is wearing it ! It is a collector's item now...and while we didn't win (this time) Matt and along with all of us he represents --are certainly in a greater position now to be heard and make a difference. Thanks to you for your creative support!
I'll keep checking in on your website for other cool stuff.

love & peace-

Thanks! My shirts arrived and they look great! Thanks so much for starting up this business.



Just a quick email to say the t-shirts have got here already - what a great service - I'll be putting a good word about you guys around London. Also the t-shirts are brilliant - here's a picture of our son Jude (the dude) with the Iggy one on.

Cheers Rachel

Received the shirts on Saturday. They are so perfect. Although the 4's were too big I washed & dried them & they fit great.
Will recommend your site!

I got my shirts today and they are AWESOME! Levi loves them too. He tried both on already...can't decide which one to wear to school tomorrow...and even had them both on at the same time (one was on as pants). They are so cool and very well done. Thanks so much.

I got the shirts and love them! I gave your card to a friend of mine named Jennifer Chube. She will be ordering soon. I wanted to tell you that Harrison fits well in the 4T shirts. I think they run small (or he is just very big!). I also dropped your card at a store called RR1. Hope you get some biz! Thanks for the extra shirt, i love it!



I received the tee yesterday…it's just perfect!!! Exactly what I was looking for, and actually, quite surprisingly, perfect size!! Again, I'm really impressed with your speed!! Many thanks for everything!!


I just received the shirts yesterday, and I wanted to let you know that they are incredible!! My son looks styling in them!! Thanks so much for offering something different and unique for all small punky kids everywhere!! I will be sure to order more in the future!!!
Katie Fowler


I received my t-shirt today. Thank you! It is great!


Some photos of our babes in their new shirts! Thanks so much--we love them!



I have to tell you - I have a baby boy and I DESPISE shopping for him - and I am a great shopper :) It seems all the baby boy clothes are so frilly,silly, and old man like. I was so happy to find your site. Just placed my first order...and I can't wait to get it! Thank you for making baby boy shopping fun.

Also, being a working mom - I am very jealous that you have found such a cool business for yourself. You rock.

Terry Ross

I got my shirt today and I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much!