Chore Cards

Chore Cards

If you are finding it difficult getting your kids to participate in chores, try our chore cards. We've picked 48 chores and broken them down into three sections depending on age appropriateness. Each page comes with 16 common household chores. Print them out and laminate them and let your child pick one or two cards from the pile every day.

For the toddler we've mostly focused on self-care items. We ramp it up on the second page with chores for 1st through 5th grades. The third page is for older children and includes chores like making dinner and babysitting.

Talking Cards

Talking Cards Conversation Starters

Sometimes it's hard to get your kid to open up. We've written down some of our favorite questions in card form to get the conversation flowing. 

Color of Dissent Coloring Book

Color Of Dissent COloring Book

Finally, for the grade school child, our coloring book featuring unsung heroes and heroines fighting for social justice and often not mentioned in history books. 

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