Herbivore Gift Set Available in Adult, Child & Baby Sizes

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I used to be a meat lover. A hamburger from Barney's in Berkeley OMG. Have you ever attended a bacon party? The kind where you bring in thick slabs, slather it in a myriad of sauces and then broil it up in an oven? Or BBQ ribs where the meat is falling off in giant flakes and the BBQ sauce is dripping from your fingers onto your bib? My favorite pizza was this double cheese Gouda & Mozzarella. I get it. 

But, after researching the negative impact it has on our health and the amount of resources it takes to create that meat and finally, the treatment of the creatures we've been tasked to look after...that pig, cow and chicken doesn't look so good to me now. 

Every non-meat eater is an activist on some level. If you feel helpless as you watch our climate change, our resources wasted and our world population max out, the one action you can take that will have the most impact on our world would be to stop eating meat and meat products. 

Ok, that's my lecture for the week.

Get this in a myriad of size combinations. Outfit siblings, adults and wee babies.

Unless you request otherwise Herbivore is printed on White.

If you'd like to have it printed on a different color just add a note into the comment section titled SPECIAL REQUESTS. Color options available to sets at the listed price are Baby Blue, Pink, Black & White. Special Requests cannot be returned. Organic and baseball jersey shirts are $2 extra.

These rad matching shirts are made in the USA and are packaged in a matching muslin gift bag for easy gift giving. 

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